UBOX9 PRO MAX is the latest model of TV box unblocktech. This latest model has the latest and most advanced features that the other model has none. This UBOX9 gave the full HD graphic result. Once pay and use forever this is an amazing feature of this TV Box. If someone wants to connect with Bluetooth then he can do this easily. This box is too Lightweight its weight is around about 549 Grams. Memory storage is 4GB and is available in a different category.

UBOX Hardware upgrade

This new model of UBOX9 pro max is a fully New upgrade CPU CORE H616. Performance has been improved again, and power consumption is dropping. Engineered by professionals, this box will transform your experience, unlock its potential, and ultimately create value.

6K HDR without buffering-6K

We’re upgrading the visual experience, so you can watch 6K videos. The new image quality engine is called smartcolor 3.3. There are fewer artifacts, the picture colors are more vivid and the picture quality is more convincing.

2.4G & 5G Dual Frequency Wi-Fi 

Featuring a 5GHz dual-band 802.11ac module, this device offers fast transaction speeds as well as a stable wireless connection to meet the needs of HD video transmission and large file transfer while ensuring high quality and smooth performance. Also, it allows it to establish a wireless connection ideal for long-distance use and it is compatible with almost any type of Bluetooth device running on Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Advanced AI Intelligent Voice System

Your AI assistant will do the typing. Control video playback, control computer systems, etc. The device can either be controlled with the remote or through the use of Google Assistant (prior registration is required) for control through just your voice.

Large RAM and Flash Storage

Boost your watching experience with double the storage size. This model features 4GB operating memory and 64GB flash storage for 30% faster performance. In order to enrich your viewing experience, high-speed storage will allow you to install more software without having to delete anything.

Controller type 

This device can be controlled by three methods these methods are Remote Control, App Control, and Voice Control.

Remote Control

This latest model of TV box can be controlled by different types of remotes all these remotes are available with this device and these remotes are working with a great distance that the users can control this TV BOX as user wants to control like to change the drama, movies and can change the volume into low and high.

App Control

With the latest upgrade now this UBOX9 PROMAX can control the android and IOS version app that is installed on android and iPhone mobiles. This app work like a remote and by using this app the user can control this TVbox as he wants to control.

Voice Control

This app has AI google assistance that works on the human voice by using this method of control user can control. This method is so easy and simple and modern method to control the device.

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