Did you know that about 3 billion people all around the world rely on wood charcoal, animal waste, and coal for cooking and heating? Have you also heard about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs? Goal 7 talks about providing affordable, sustainable, reliable, clean, and modern energy for all. The target is to increase the share of renewable energy substantially by 2030.

Are you looking to get rid of the crazy power bills and avoid blackouts due to weather? Then, the answer is an off-grid solar system. Since solar is an investment that lasts you for many years, you are keen to make the right choices. Therefore, when it comes to installing a solar power system, you need to make a number of decisions.

But first things first, you need to understand what an off grid solar kit is; why is it the best option for you? And lastly, what are some of the significant components used in off-grid solar systems? Typically, this article will guide you on what you need to know before choosing to have your solar grid kit installed.

What Is the Meaning of the Off-grid Solar System?

Off-grid solar system, also known as a Stand-Alone Power System(SAPS), is one of the main types of solar power systems. It is a solar kit that contains both a battery pack and a solar panel.

It works with a battery bank that stores all the electricity that is being generated and supplies electricity when required. The electricity is then converted using an inverter to be used to power the business or home. The batteries always charge continuously whether the energy is being consumed or not. The energy stored in the battery makes it possible to run the business or home with solar energy any day and time, even when the exposure to the sun is less.

Why Is the Off-grid Solar System the Best Option?

  1. The off-grid solar system does not require an area with grid connectivity, meaning; it is a good option for remote areas or areas of very high altitude that are far away from the grid.
  2. You get to save on the crazy electricity costs in the long run since it entirely relies on the sun upon as a source of energy. And the sun is free!
  3. Everyone is high on the green economy, and for this matter, renewable energy sources like the off-grid solar system minimize the carbon footprint, ensuring that the environment stays green and clean.
  4. Say goodbye to power outages that occur without any warning. Off-grid solar energy is a reliable solution for outages as it stores energy, meaning it is always ready for potential disasters.
  5. It is very easy to install and does not require electricity lines, unlike traditional grid power. Anyone with a set of tools can install by themselves, reducing the overall system cost substantially.

Major Components That Are Used in Off-grid Solar Systems

You already know that you need solar panels and batteries; here is a list of other equipment that the system requires and their functions:

  • Solar Panels

The panels are used to convert solar energy to electrical energy. The sun hits these panels that generate electricity that feeds the batteries.

  • Battery bank

The battery bank comprises a couple of batteries connected to each other using wires to a bigger power supplier. The batteries are an essential component as they are responsible for supplying electricity.

  • Inverter

This one is necessary to convert the DC power generated to an AC using electronic switching techniques before it is fed into the home electrical system that you use for your home appliances.

  • Controllers

These are electronic devices that regulate the flow of electricity. They serve as a ”delivery man” between the solar panels, inverters, and the battery banks.

They control the amount of electricity received from the panels and ensure they do not overflow the battery.

  • Back-up Power/ Generator.

This component is optional as it serves as an emergency kit in the event your battery bank is not able to charge or maybe you are experiencing an issue with your solar system.

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