Document cameras are among the latest technological inventions. Their release into the market has been great since most people have embraced them, and their popularity has increased. They are applicable in various settings like schools, conference meetings, and laboratories based on their capabilities. They exist in several forms like the desktop document camera and HDMI document camera, also called the PC free document camera. We look at some of the document cameras features below.

Features of Document Cameras

These characteristics differentiate them from each other, making some more superior to others. Some are physical, while others are inbuilt such that it’s difficult to see them from the outside. They include;

1. Built-in microphone

It’s a special feature with great benefits; however, it doesn’t come in all document cameras. These cameras mostly project pictures of items that can be watched as a slide show. The use of audio or videos makes the moment much interesting than without them. Also, watching photos while listening to audio enhances your understanding of the matter. The teacher can record any lesson with videos for easier learning and more interactive sessions in a school institution.

2. Foldable

Being easily foldable is one of the go-to features for most buyers. Foldable document cameras are portable, which is a plus since others are large and bulky and difficult to carry or move around. The portable ones are ideal for small spaces since they are also small compared to other types. The portable models are cheaper than the big ones, saving you space and money. They are easy to put away by simply folding and bringing it out again when necessary if you work from different locations; no need to worry about projecting your work. The portable document camera version is the best option.

3. Microscope adapter

This adapter comes in handy when trying to magnify finer details. Since document cameras are used mostly in school, this feature is perfect for use. Most Science colors involved viewing items like plants under a microscope. To save on time spent by each child, the teacher can project the specimen for all students to see. Not only does the document camera display the image, but it also magnifies it to make the finer details identifiable. The adapter makes the camera more versatile and efficient for use in other areas.

4. Long flexible neck

A flexible neck benefits you as the operator and the audience. The flexibility allows it to rotate and capture pictures from various angles, from sides, front, or beneath. In the process, everyone in the hall, room, or whichever setting can see the displayed information from where they are seated.

5. Remote control

It aims to control the document camera without pressing it directly. Like a TV, you can operate it from afar, which is especially good for teachers who prefer walking around the class to staying in one position at the front.


When buying a document camera, choose features based on your needs. For example, ensure it has a microphone if you must record videos. It can be in-built or detachable, depending on the type. Every feature plays a significant role in this device. So, be keen on their performance, know what each does because you may end up paying more for it, and it doesn’t fit your purpose.

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