Everyone wishes to visit outside their country someday. One of the most important things that one must carry at all times while flying internationally is their passport. The passport acts as an identification once you leave your country. From boarding flights to checking-in at the hotel of your choice, passport is required at every step. That is where a hotel passport reader come into play.

Importance Of Passport Readers

Passport readers are found in hotels and airports whenever one flies internationally. Here, you’ll learn why passport readers are important.

1. To Detect Fake Passports

Visiting abroad, your safety is just as important to the hotel you’re staying at as it is important to you. Hence, hotels are required to be equipped with passport readers. A passport reader will scan the passport and check if it is authentic. Anyone with a fake passport will be subdued during a passport check as hotels are always insisted to run a background check for safety reasons. By checking the picture on the passport, the expiry date, the personal details of the guest present on the passport, the scanners can easily identify a counterfeit passport.

2. To Help International Guests With Convenient Check-in & Check-out

Passports act as an identification once you are outside your home country. Because of that, passport readers read the passports to properly identify the guests coming over to stay from abroad. This helps in easier check-in and check-out as it is important to provide your Identifications during those. Not only that, a quick passport check confirms the citizenship of the guest.

Advantages Of Lintechtt Passport Readers

For better convenience and faster services, Lintechtt has introduced the Passport scanner/reader series. A few of its notable features are:

1. Supports Several Languages

This passport scanner supports several languages, such as Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, etc. Due to this, it accepts the ID cards of China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau etc. as proper identification along with passports. This also allows the scanner to accept drivers licenses, permit passes, health insurance cards etc.

2. Allows Scanning E-passports

In the modern era of digitalization, sometimes people carry e-passports with them instead as it is rather hassle free. Because of that, the Lintechtt passport scanners all come equipped to scan e-passports for hassle free check-in and check-outs while ensuring safety of the guests and staffs.

3. Supports Several Operating Systems

The Lintechtt passport scanners/readers are very adaptable when it comes to their operating systems. They work on all operating systems, including the most common Windows OS. This prevents the hassle of downloading a new operating system and learning the ins and outs of it for the sake of adding an equipment for the safety of your guests.

4. Low System Requirements

Not only are the scanners/readers hassle free, they also use less RAM. This allows the hotel management to work smoothly without going through the extra trouble of getting a new set up for the equipment. Due to use of less RAM, the working of the passport scanner/readers go smoothly and at a decent speed without much room for error.


Lintechtt has always focused on bettering the future with free, hassle free and fast work. The company has been working since 2007 and with each year they have innovated and bettered themselves for the convenience of their customers. Lintechtt ensures not only a hassle free work, but also safety and security of their client.

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