Gone are the days when house lighting was just all about illumination. Today’s world presents the ability to illuminate and emphasize key structures creating beautiful and decorative themes.  It is for this reason that industrial chandeliers are part of modernized light fixtures.

So despite the different sculptural designs of the chandeliers, you can count on either of them for a cool mood setter in any room. They, however, differ in the form of lighting style, finish material, shapes, and design styles, with the user left to choose any that will match their taste, from industrial chandeliers to sleek and elegant modern chandeliers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Chandelier

The term industrial in a chandelier means a light fixture that manufacturers would have used in an industry’s illumination function or a factory setting. So you should expect the industrial chandeliers to be more of either wooden or metallic designed.

However, that doesn’t mean the chandelier is picked up from a factory’s light fixtures. It is more about decoration with an industrial stirred-up image.

So the major factors are:

Shape:- You need to know the exact style you need before settling for the shape since most industrial chandeliers are definitively shaped with linear ends like the 4-light linear industrial chandelier. Other shapes you might come across are caged in the form of prisms because in a real industrial setup, caging the light fixture will prevent any reaction from the industrial operations.

Design:- this factor is not strict on a specific form. So you may come across all sorts of creative designs, from bunched small prisms to linear caged designs.

Lighting Function: –  this is the main factor in your decision-making because it determines how the lighting will function in your intended space. You can either have an up-light industrial chandelier; it focuses light on the ceiling, reflecting an ambiance, or;

You can also have a normal unobstructed downlight chandelier; or ambient lighting, which wouldn’t be the best for task lighting.

What Is the Best Industrial Chandelier?

Based on chandeliers’ changing designs and features, the current best chandelier may not be the best next month. So if you are yet to fit the fixture in your house, make sure you keep tabs with Gzbtech Home & Lighting.

The current leading chandelier in industrial designs is the 4-light linear industrial chandelier. It comes packaged with a canopy, lampshade, user manual, lamp rod, screws, and wire connectors. It has a sleek black finished lampshade and a matching golden canopy, and golden hanging rods.

Its BlackGold general theme, together with the 4-linear lights, make it perfect for any room, including:

Kitchen countertop area for brighter illumination.

A Living room with an open dining room where you’ll install it straight above the dining table, but its presence here will also be a cool attraction for the living room.

What to Remember

  • The industrial chandelier should be centrally positioned as much as possible to give a full view of anyone admiring it.
  • It would be best if you placed the light fixture approximately 30 inches above any worktop, whether it’s the kitchen counter or the dining table. Its installation in any other room should consider the line of sight and the resident’s safe clearance.
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