Discover the Ugreen 3 in 1 car charger with a lighter socket; it’s a multi-device that provides a cigarette lighter outlet and USB charge port at the same time. This device is an ideal accessory for your travel.

The Ugreen car charger can charge all popular mobile devices that require a high rate of power of up to 12V. The two USB ports are designed as Quick Fast Car Chargers to charge smartphones, tablets, and other devices, while also serving as a lighter socket to refuel your smoking habit while on the road!

USB Ports vs. Cigarette Lighters

If you’ve ever had to charge your phone while driving, you know that it’s not always easy. And if you’re like most people, you probably have to do it frequently because your phone is always dying.

That’s why cigarette lighters are so popular in cars — they provide a convenient way to charge your phone without having to mess around with cords. But these days, USB ports are becoming more common and can be found in just about any car sold after 2008. So, what’s the difference between using a USB port and using a lighter? Take a look.

USB ports vs Cigarette lighters: Your options

The first thing you’ll notice is that USB ports are built into many cars now, but they’re not as common as cigarette lighters. Chances are, if you’re buying a new car today and want to charge your phone while driving, it will have at least a couple of USB ports built into it somewhere. The good news is that most newer cars come with USB ports built right into them, which means there’s no need for an adapter or anything like that.

Most cars come equipped with a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. This is the standard way of powering and charging devices such as mobile phones, and MP3 players while on the road. The main problem with using this socket is that it can only supply 12 volts at 1 amp. This means that if you want to charge your device at full speed, you’ll need a 12-volt power adapter that can pump out 2 amps or more.

The second issue is that some cars don’t even have a cigarette lighter socket! Either they’ve been replaced by USB ports or there aren’t any in the first place (e.g., older cars).

Cleaning Rusty Car Charger Sockets

Rusty car charger sockets are a common problem these days. You can get a new car charger, but it is not always easy to find the right one or if you do, they cost a lot of money.

Get your supplies together!

You will need:

  • Baking Soda – This will help neutralize any acid that might be on the metal from previously corroding batteries or other chemicals. It also has a mild abrasive property which helps remove dirt and debris from the surface of the metal parts.
  • WD-40 – This helps lubricate the moving parts inside your car charger making them easier to turn when you are cleaning it out. It also cleans off any dirt or grime that may be stuck on the outside of your car charger as well as any oil that may have seeped into its crevices.

First, remove the charger from its slot by pulling it out gently.

Then use a damp cloth or cotton swab to wipe out any visible dust from around the plug area. Use an alcohol-based solution to wipe off any traces of dust and grease from inside the socket. After cleaning, plug back in your charger and test if it fits and functions properly.


In the end, you will be pleased to find that cleaning your car socket is easier than you thought. The constant use of your car charger has only made the dirt and grime build up on the tiny nylon threads. Using the cleaning solution, brush, and towel method will save you money instead of replacing your socket. It may take a little elbow grease, but cleaning up those tiny threads will end up saving you stress down the road by not having to continuously buy new sockets.

You must have your devices charged, so check local laws and make sure you’re in compliance. The whole idea of keeping the sockets clean is to provide a safe means of power to your electronic devices without risking electrical issues that could harm you, your car, or others on the road.

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