When it comes to TV entertainment, some things that pop in people’s minds are cable TV connections, OTT platforms, and the most exciting thing- superbox TV box. Gone are the days when people had cable TV connections, which were replaced by OTT platforms. But then OTT proved to be really expensive and people lost an interest in them. However, people still need a reliable TV entertainment solution, which is why SuperStream came up with the concept of Superbox.

There are several products such as superbox elite plus and elite 2. This article tends to educate the readers regarding those boxes, so you know a better insight into them. You’re sure to love both the products as they’re packed with blockbuster entertainment, which you can’t simply ignore.

Superbox Elite+ (Best 6K Entertainment Box in USA/CA)

Let’s talk about the best 6K entertainment box in the entertainment box segment. This is one superbox that’s gained a lot of name and fame in the North American countries for its incredible content and spectacular features. What are those features? Keep reading!

  • 6K means no compromises on the quality output. The OTT platforms still fail to deliver content in 6K. However, this box is packed with content in 6K resolution, which means blockbuster display.
  • This is an Android TV box. And you know when it says Android, it means you can install your apps on it as desired. Android OS is known to support stunning audio output that other stock OS fail to deliver.

Apart from the features, buying the Elite+ box holds major advantages. What are they?

  • No need to worry about repeated payments like OTT platforms. Buy the box and you’re done with the expenditure. Entertainment was said to be a costly luxury but not anymore.
  • It doesn’t matter where you live. If you’re in the USA or CA, you’re on the radar and eligible for free quick home delivery. No need to go out anywhere to buy this product.

Superbox Elite 2 (Trending Android TV Box in USA/CA)

If the Elite+ box sounds tempting, perhaps Elite 2, which is a successor of Elite+ will never fail to blow your mind. Here’s what’s so special about the Elite 2 superbox:

  • Better performance, best suited for long sessions.
  • Content updates frequently like you never imagined.
  • It’s packed with Live TV, Video On Demand, and video series directly from the global servers.
  • The TV guide will be really helpful in using the box properly.

And that’s not just it! There are some exclusive advantages of this box:

  • 7-day playback.
  • If you don’t like it, return it! No questions asked. This means you’re not at a loss if the product fails to pamper your taste and preferences.
  • Front clock to keep track of time so you don’t compromise on your important tasks.

How To Buy Your Favorite TV Box- Step-by-step Guide

  1. Visit the official website and see the products list.
  2. Select Your Favorite Product you’d like to buy.
  3. Select Quantity & Add To Cart to proceed. If the product is sold out, feel free to click “arrival notice” so you know when your favorite product is back in stock.
  4. Finally, checkout by entering your delivery address, payment method, and securing the order.

Why SuperStream Superbox?

There’s a list of strong reasons favoring superstream superbox. For instance, you don’t have to compromise with unnecessary advertisements on OTT and cable TV connections. Moreover, superstream has a long history of constant delivery of quality products, which has generated phenomenal results for the company. That has generated a strong customer base and widespread global market, especially in the United States and Canada.


So, don’t you think these boxes are worth buying? Of course they are! Go ahead and grab one for yourself now because they sell like hot cakes. The world to endless 6K entertainment is now just a few mouse clicks away.

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