What Is An Ubox TV Box?

Ubox is a new and unique platform that contains mobile apps, websites, etc., and works to provide all the necessary data for entertainment to their customers. A UBOX TV box is a streaming device that you can plug into your TV and be able to access multiple streaming services all on one platform. The box can be used to watch on-demand videos, network shows, movies, and much more.

What Is The Unblock Tech Box Ubox 9?

The UBOX 9 is the latest user-friendly interface with a prominently faster response time compared to older versions. It is easier to set up and made to use straight out of the box too. The packaging comes in a set consisting of an international adapter, user manual, HDMI cable, remote control, and finally, the unblock TV box UBOX 9.

What Are The Benefits Of The Unblock Tech Ubox 9?


You can easily pack the UBOX and easily carry it to your choice of destination. The unblock tech ubox is shaped in a convenient and flexible form of a rectangular design that you can carry by hand while traveling and plug into a TV of your choice.

Better Memory And Storage

Unblock Tech UBOX 9 has about 4GB running memory with a supporting 64GB storage space. With this benefit, no matter which phone you connect with your UBOX, storage and memory would be the last of your problems.

Voice-Enabled Remote

It contains an AI speech system that allows you to control other operations as well as assist search. You may operate the box with your voice using Google Assistant. Not only that, with this new feature, Unblock UBOX 9 also supported singing for your entertainment.

High-End H616 Quad-Core Processor

The upgraded processor allows for enhanced performance and less power consumption, resulting in high-speed operation.

Playback Feature

The unblock tech UBOX’s latest feature includes being able to playback your favorite TV shows you missed. It consists of a 24-hour playback function, so you can enjoy your favorite TV series anytime. Watching a show on your own time is no longer a dream.

Global CDN Node

The Global CDN Node allows for the device to be much faster and more stable. The global CDN node has full global coverage of more than 200 CDN nodes.

6K HDR Image

Unblock Tech UBOX 9 supports the 6K ultra high definition decoding, with the use of new smart colors, and a 3.3 image quality. The new upgrades allow for the video to be much clearer, more vivid, and smooth.


Using the UBLIVE option, you can connect to various TV channels from the US, the UK, Southeast Asia, and many more. They also have tons of live broadcasts, movies, and episodes. With this feature, you get over 700 channels from all over the world.

Screen Sharing

You can link it to the TV or computer screen, and by connecting through your mobile, you can control the box to watch your favorite TV programs anywhere. You just have to attach the UBOX 9 to the TV, connect it to the Wi-Fi, and start streaming even when you’re out.

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