IoT is also known as “Internet of things”. The internet net of things is no longer an emerging trend but a rather well-established and continues to rise. It ranges from high-end industrial equipment to children’s toys almost all devices are connected to the internet and they share data to guide their actions. The Internet of things works around vast network components evolved which work together to form a cohesive system based on collective data from products. In this article, we will see about IoT, its abbreviation (Internet of things), services by Dusun, and a list of reasons why Dusun is highly recommended.

Services By Dusun

Dusun offers various convenient and efficient services such as helping you become an IoT gateway developer, IoT solution vendor, IoT miner, and smart home end-user.

1. Become An IoT Gateway Developer

Demand for an IOT developer is great in the present circumstances because the modern world relies on technology a lot; we have tech usage in almost every home. Job opportunities for an IOT developer are increasing as companies try to hire many skillful and innovative developers. With the services offered by Dusun, you can very well become an IoT gateway developer.

2. Be An IoT Solution Vendor

Dusun offers services to the IoT solution vendor to cater to their needs and help them build an Internet of things application which in turn would be based on the public cloud. The cloud platform includes Helium, The Things Work, AWS, AWS IoT core, LORIOT, Azare, Google, Homekit, Tuya, ThingsBoard, and Private Cloud Platform. You can also request a sample and get any of the three which include an app starter kit, without LoRaWAN gateway, and LoRaWAN gateway.

3. Smart Home End-user & IoT Miner

Providing network devices and automation of Internet of things devices can serve as the most efficient way for smart home end users. Its compatibility is reflected in its partnership of great work with Tuya, Dusun Hotspot Application, and lastly the home assistant. Apart from the basic router functions and features it also can supports Application Programming (AP), Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and hub functions thus making it an all-in-one device.

The protocol of Dusun works efficiently with other smart devices. For example, the public application is possible with the help of 4G, 5G, and other network ports.  Its wonderful advantages include compatibility with most devices, different gateways for different purposes and actions, and lastly, it has received complete certification.

Why Dusun?

Dusun is a highly recommended option that might help you will be the next IoT developer with Dusun services. It has opted for advanced encryption which safeguards sensitive data. It has been qualified by other various platforms. Its built-in integration allows for the smooth functioning of services without even having to develop. Likewise, it also allows the developer to connect with the platform directly. It has an innovative IoT gateway that has been certified by the cloud itself.


Dusun is the ideal choice for you as it has a lot to offer that you might find useful. It can not only collect data from devices but also from cloud platforms and its rate of data collection is really quick. It can also configure devices with the help of the cloud platform and this allows for the building of scalability of IoT applications.

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