If you are spending a movie night with family and friends, or teaching your students in class on a screen, a projector is a necessity, not a luxury. There may seem to be many projectors available in the market right now, including Vankyo Leisure 470 Pro so choosing one might seem like a pain. It is important that you choose a reliable one with great image quality and clarity, over a cheap one with blurred imagery.

The projectors by Vankyo are one of a kind, and they have every feature that you could possibly wish for. They offer great visuals, and are really user-friendly. Further, to add a cherry to the pie, Vankyo projectors come at an affordable price.

Read on to know why Vankyo projectors are preferred over other projectors and check out one of their boost products.

Are Vankyo Projectors Better Than Others?

There are many reasons that make Vankyo projectors better than others, the main reason being its small size, as well as the great image quality. They are compatible several external devices like Amazon Firestick, Roku Sticks and Play Stations to name a few.

Most Vankyo projectors come Wi-Fi connectivity, which can be used to watch TV shows and live sports streams easily, without connecting to computers. These are just a few of the reasons that make Vankyo projectors better than its competitors.

Vankyo Leisure 470 Pro

The Vankyo Leisure 470 Pro is one of the best projectors by Vankyo. It has been designed to be no less than 40% smaller as compared to rival native 1080p projectors. It is one of the best products for movies, sports, and gaming. It can be used to project up to 250 inches of imagery in 1080p. The built-in 3W speaker delivers sensational sound and the 2-fan heat dissipation cooling system gives a great cinema and games experience.

How To Use Your Projectors

1. First Understand Their Working

Projectors work by projecting or sharing images to a screen. Most projectors shine light through a small transparent lens to create an image, but many modern projectors directly project images to a screen using lasers.

2. How To Set Up/Use A Projector

It is very easy to set up a projector. After connecting it to your personal computer, the corresponding company application would be installed automatically. The program will configure your projector for use with your PC by itself.

3. How To Connect Phone To Projector

You might need to buy a external micro-USB to HDMI converter or a USB-C to HDMI converter to connect your phone to projector. If the projector supports Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, you may wirelessly connect to it too.

4. How To Connect A Laptop To A Projector?

It is very easy to connect a laptop to a projector. You can either use the HDMI or the VGA cable, depending on the available ports on your laptop, and connect both of them. While some laptop models may change the display mode automatically, you might need to project your screen manually too.


It now seems evident that Vankyo projectors are obviously better than most projectors you could get your hands on. Further, their affordable price range makes them a favorite among many users. If you wish to have a great experience while watching your favorite TV series, or your favorite club’s match on the big screen at home, you must try out the Vankyo Leisure 470 Pro projector!

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