A black charger plate is a perfect addition to any table setting. It can make your table look more elegant and stylish while adding a touch of sophistication.

You might be wondering why you should have black chargers plate instead of the usual white ones. In this article are some reasons why having one is a good idea!

It Adds More Character to Your Table Setting

If you have a white tablecloth, then having black charger plates will make your table setting look more interesting. They are also great if you want to create a contrast between different colours in your table setting.

They’re Easy to Maintain

People often think that because they are made from ceramic, they can break easily or get stained easily. However, this isn’t true at all! As long as you take care of them properly, they won’t chip or break very often.

Black Charger Plates Match Everything

Black charger plates will match any colour scheme or theme at your event. If you’re having an elegant affair with lots of white linens and candles on each table, then these plates will look great with them too! You can also add some fun accents like flowers or even throw in some sparkly sequins if you want to make your tables stand out!

Black Charger Plates Are Best for Heat Retainment

The material that black charger plates are made of helps trap heat in the centre of the plate, which makes them ideal for serving hot food. This is especially important if you are serving things like pasta or pizza, which could otherwise cool off quickly once they touch the plate. Heat retention is also very important for keeping food warm when it’s being served at room temperature, such as sliced fruit or vegetables. Black charger plates can help keep these foods at optimal serving temperatures without having them become cold and unappetizing.

They’re Also Great for Protecting Your Table Cloths from Stains!

If you’re hosting an event where there will be a lot of food or drink served, having black chargers can help prevent stains on your tablecloth. You won’t need to get a sturdy tablecloth that will be able to withstand spills because if any liquid gets on it while guests are eating or drinking. The black charger will do the protecting work for you!

Perfect Centrepiece for Decoration

If you want to make your event look beautiful, then it’s best if you use black charger plates as a centrepiece for decoration. You can place flowers or other decorations on top of these plates so that they stand out even more in your venue. The guests will surely be impressed with how beautiful everything looks when they see this kind of setup!


Whether you are a restaurant or have a grand dinner party, black charger plates will be your perfect choice. If you’re looking to place the finishing touch to your dining room furniture then the perfect item to do this would be black charger plates. They are affordable and easy to maintain. Although they are not a necessity, they can make all the difference in creating top notch dining environment for you and for your family as well. So, if there’s room in your budget, you should definitely include them in your list of things to buy for the dining area.

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